Magic Jiangsu in a foreigner's eyes
2017-12-25 13:07:00


"If you understand the culture and let the culture work in you, you’ll love this place," said Paul Lennox, sales manager of Business Area ICE in Phoenix Contact.

Paul Lennox, 46, is a British man with blond hair and crystal blue eyes. In 2006, he was posted to Nanjing, Jiangsu province, and since then he has got connected with the city.

"Jiangsu was such a different place with what we see today. Transportation was much more difficult,” Paul looked back on the days when he first came to Nanjing. If it was raining, simple things like shopping became a big challenge, because “it was impossible to get a taxi.”

"But coming back today, it’s changed so much. Every time I come back, there’s always new building. It’s like mushrooms coming out of the ground,” Paul said.

"It grew in my heart that I feel much safer in Nanjing than in any other place in the world. If I was living in Berlin or London, I wouldn’t feel as secure to let my children go out and play at that age,” he added.

Paul Lennox, who had witnessed the “exceptional development” of Phoenix Contact Nanjing, also shared his opinions about China’s smart manufacturing.

"China’s smart manufacturing is developing very fast. It’s about the usage of data, for those products to be able to be integrated into the manufacturing process which can be controlled by fewer people, and to ease and help the manufacturing procedure. For the ‘Made in China 2025’ policy, mirrored very much greatly on the western standards of the Industry 4.0, we can learn from each other, and go hand in hand,” he said.

Father-of-two, Paul often spoke of his adorable daughters who once lived in Jiangsu. At the very beginning, they didn’t like the idea of moving to Nanjing. But years later, when they were leaving Nanjing, their eyes were full of tears. “I don’t want to go. I love China. I like school here. I like my friends here.”

Paul said: “I’m sure one day they’ll come back to visit. And I’m sure they’ll be amazed at the changes here.”

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