93-year-old promotes Nanjing wonton
2017-12-01 16:40:00


Wu Sunfenglan, a 93-year-old native of Nanjing, is the owner of a wonton restaurant in Nanjing.

Wu has been making one simple dish - wonton - for 50 years. Now, her children are carrying forward the family craft.

She learned how to make wonton in Pukou District of Nanjing in 1969. Her wonton is famous for the thin wrap, delicious stuffing, bone soup and most especially, the handmade spicy oil. Her neighbors were used to buy a bowl of wonton with a spoonful of spicy oil if they felt under the weather.

For 30 years, Wu developed a small wonton stand to a big wonton restaurant, but had to close it in the 1990s. Wu and her neighbors, who had been eating the signature wonton for many years, were crushed.

In 2013, her business was reopened by her children. The new restaurant on Babaoqian Street sticks with the traditional way of wonton, and the stuffing uses pig foreleg meat. The soup remains the same too. Her wonton shop also has some improvements. The new spicy oil is made from 39 types of chilies.

Wu hopes to keep the memory and taste of old Nanjing, so more people can taste the delicious spicy wonton soup.

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