Suzhou woman dedicated to embroidery
2017-11-30 17:30:00

Zhang Lixing (L)

Zhang Lixing, born in Zhenhu, Suzhou city, is known as the most outstanding Suzhou female embroiderer born after the 1990s.

Many of Zhang’s female relatives are embroiderers and her childhood was about learning the skills of Suzhou embroidery.

Zhang studied computer information management in college but she always remembered embroidery. She would practice embroidery in her spare time and could complete a small piece of embroidery about the water town of Suzhou in only one night. She said: "I like to immerse myself in the creation of embroidery and use needlework to express my heart. This is a quiet and happy experience."

Her parents initially opposed the idea that Zhang becomes a professional female embroiderer because they believed the profession was too difficult and it was a waste of her academic qualifications. But Zhang felt she could use photo-editing software to design and make her own embroidery.

Zhang is the best second-generation disciple of embroidery master Lu Fuying. "Lu praised me for having good basic skills and offered to teach me random needle embroidery. I was so excited I almost cried!" said Zhang when recalling her first encounter with Lu.

Zhang followed Lu to study at the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University in 2011 and she attends the art workshop every year.

When her work started to win international awards, her parents finally recognized her efforts and began to support her.

She and Lu Fuying went to Saudi Arabia for the first large-scale embroidery tour from the end of April to early May of this year. Zhang said: "The Saudis enjoy the art of Suzhou embroidery very much. They think it is amazing. Many people want to experience the skills of Suzhou embroidery."

Zhang hopes that more young people can join the talented team of Suzhou embroiderers. "Every week, I will go to school to teach students embroidery. The beauty of life can be displayed with the needle in their hands," said Zhang.

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