Feature: College girl wishes to compile HSK teaching material in Korean
2017-11-30 15:48:00

Kang Hana, a senior student from South Korea, is the only winner of the 2017 Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship in Nanjing University.

Having been living in Nanjing for more than five years, Kang Hana always has a special bond with China. She was born in Beijing, where both of her parents were studying for their doctoral degrees. When she was eight years old, she moved back to Korea with her parents. “After I settled down in Korea, I can always feel a sense of emptiness. When I finally came to Nanjing in 2012, the emptiness seemed to fill itself.”

She joined the tenth grade in a local Chinese high school. Since she almost forgot everything about Chinese language and culture, the first month was especially challenging for her. She couldn’t order meals for herself, because she couldn’t speak or read. Therefore, the first sentence she picked up was “跟她一样” (The same with hers). The chapter of her life in Nanjing finally started.

Changing of environment led to her sensitivity to language. Hana was once interested in Korean language research, maybe writing or directing Korean TV series in the future. But when she took International Chinese Education as her major, she instantly found a new option for her life, and she persisted in. Unlike most of the foreign learners who just focus on HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) or language fluency, Hana spent lots of time on grammar and linguistics, “speaking is not enough. You cannot ignore grammar if you want to read and write.” She even published an academic essay on Chinese language learning in 2017, based on her own experience.

Looking back to her school life during these years, Hana is even more determined to compile a practical HSK book in Korean, to help more Korean fellows to learn Chinese. She also wants to make a handbook on Chinese culture and life. Now, Hana has totally blended into the life in this city. “I would miss Nanjing within less than three hours after I get back to Korea,” she smiled.

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