Young man shakes up traditional embroidery
2017-11-01 16:25:00


Zhang Xue is a young man shaking up the traditional embroidery industry - even though his decision to become an embroidery worker was not supported by his classmates, teachers and relatives.

Zhang was born in 1988 to a family of embroiderers in Zhenhu, Suzhou, Jiangsu province. His mother is the famous embroidery master Xue Jindi.

Zhang used to watch his mother doing embroidery work, when he was growing up. In 2007, Zhang began to study at Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. He declined the offer to study management at the University of Leeds and then quit a good job in futures trading. He returned to his mother’s studio and became an embroidery worker.

Zhang said that he found out that many young people are not willing to do embroidery. There were 8,000 female embroidery workers at Zhenhu in its heyday but almost no young people choose embroidery as their career. Editor:Dylan