Pakistan PhD student publishes his life in China
2017-10-23 13:29:00

Khurram Raza, name of a PhD student at Nanjing University of Science and Technology, has been frequently seen on lists of contests winners, blogs and WeChat accounts.

Having been in Nanjing for two years, Khurram chooses to put his feelings and impressions of Jiangsu and China into formal articles. Writing is a talent for him and also a habit he developed since a kid. Back to his school life in the U.K., he was kind of famous for writing good articles, and many of his fellow students came to beg an application letter for overseas colleges. Stepping on the land he had longed for quite some time, he found that Chinese people here are polite, friendly, and willing to exchange knowledge with foreigners. As he gets to know China better, he is really impressed by Chinese handicrafts, scenery, culture and food. Now he contributes his talent to recording and sharing his Chinese life, working with some influential media such as China Daily and Guide in China.

Screenshot of an article published on China Daily with a diagram made by Khurram.

Khurram is a versatile man. He takes good photographs, makes perfect diagrams and shoots fair videos with his little team. He wishes to make documentaries to show Nanjing and Jiangsu from his perspective. “It’s the best way for people outside China who want to learn about the country,” he believes.

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