Wuxi electrician records life on the ‘green train’
2017-09-22 15:58:00

An electrician and photographer from Wuxi, Qian Haifeng, has travelled on the “green train” — a traditional nickname for old-style trains —325 times, shooting nearly 200,000 photos during the cumulative 130,000 kilometer voyage since 2006.

His story has been featured on China Central Television.

Qian was deeply touched by a photo, “Chinese on the Train”, by Wang Fuchun in 2008. He then decided to record the miniature society inside the train.

The “green train” has no air conditioning. It is slow, crowded, noisy and stops at every station. It is difficult to take a step forward to the washroom in the smelly cabin. Surrounded by the sound of rails and wheels, people stand next to each other and shake together with the train.

As a worker and a member of a low-income group, Qian shoots with an attitude of equality.

"I hope more people can see these photos", Qian said. "In the high-speed rail era, there is still a group of people who need ‘green trains’ to take them to work. It is very cruel, but realistic."

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