Professional with foodie heart dreams to open restaurant in Nanjing
2017-09-15 16:22:00

Mr. Thurain Than-Aye, the Executive Director of Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibition Ltd. Aye has over 20 years’ experience of successfully holding exhibition. He helps establish high-quality service platforms for China and international MICE industry.

Talking about living and working in Nanjing, Aye can’t stop the topic. Four year’s life in Nanjing gave him too much to share.

Before came to Nanjing, Aye has been worked and lived in many other big cities all over the world. Compared with other cities, Nanjing’s moderate life pace and abundant history and culture makes him obsessed with the city especially the fast developing Hexi new district. “I can see this area is the future of the city.”

As a gastronome, he not only enjoys many different food and cuisines but also enjoys cooking. When asked which dish is his favorite, he gave his answer without hesitation – Dongporou, a pork dish created by poet Su Dongpo in Song Dynasty (960-1279). Contrary to expectations, the reason that he likes Dongporou was beacause he is a descendant of Su Dongpo. “My mum was from China’s Fujian. Her surname is Su and she is a descendant from Su Dongpo’s family tree.” Aye explained. The passion on gourmet inspired an idea in Aye’s mind – to open a restaurant in Nanjing. “I opened my first restaurant in London when I was 19 and when I was 24, I’ve owned 11 stores.” The early years' success brought him confidence with his restaurant dream. “Maybe one day, you’ll see my restaurant in Nanjing.” Aye said.


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