A date with birds
2017-08-21 08:40:00

Fan Ming (Photo/Wei Xin)

Photographer Fan Ming spent 10 years filming over 200 hours of footage Birds’ 365 Days, shining a spotlight on the unseen side of avian ecology in Nanjing’s Purple Mountain area.

"It makes the most sense for me. The scene wouldn’t be captured next time, which makes all the hard work worthwhile,” 56-year-old Fan said.

Statistics suggest that about 300 species of migratory and resident birds dwell in Nanjing, and the Purple Mountain has become a shelter for them.

"As a professional photographer and a native of Nanjing, I feel a strong obligation to capture the beauty and lesser-known aspects of the Purple Mountain, and call upon more people to join in the environmental protection campaign with my camera,” he said.

"The species on earth are decreasing at an alarming rate. How can we remain indifferent to it?” He began to flush with excitement.

Source:jschina.com.cn Author:Wei Xin Editor:Dylan