Nantong lawyer quits job to become craftswoman
2017-08-16 17:07:00

The choice between continuing a 10-year career as a lawyer or quitting to realize the dream of becoming a full-time craftswoman once perplexed Jiang Lili. Now, the Nantong woman's stories and her accessories workshop have won wide praise, proving that she made the right choice.

After college graduation, Jiang spent ten years working at a well-known law firm in Nantong. But what she had really been looking forward to was doing art-related work.

Being fond of drawing and handicrafts in her childhood, Jiang learned traditional Chinese painting for eight years. She often used odd bits of cloth she had collected to make various kinds of hairpins. Later on, as more people came to her for tailor-made ornaments, she had an idea to establish a workshop of her own.

After her workshop opened in October 2016, she once spent 10 days designing a necklace, preparing its drawings and even flying to Beijing to ask an old craftsman for advice on carving. “I believe only meticulously designed things can be cherished by their owners,” she said.

After quitting her secure and cozy job as a lawyer to do the hard work of a craftswoman, Jiang feels good. “I am doing things that I like,” she said.

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