Chinese doctor performs miracle in Guyana
2017-08-11 17:12:00

It was very difficult to save the life of a 25-week-old premature infant whose weight was only 75 grams. However, Lianyungang’s Zhang Rong, a volunteer doctor, created a miracle in Guyana Linden Hospital where the medical facilities are poor.

In the evening of July 26, Zhang’s mobile phone rang. A 25-week-old premature infant was in danger and needed emergency treatment. The weight of the baby was only 0.75 kg. It is almost impossible to save such a baby in large hospitals in China where advanced medical facilities are available.

Zhang Rong immediately decided to perform CPR and organized emergency team in fluent English. Forty minutes later, the baby’s skin color gradually turned red and its body could move. Later, she decided to adopt umbilical venous catheters for the baby, which is a kind of new technology never used in the neonatal ward of this hospital before.

Six hours later, the baby suffered from deadly NRDS, but Zhang Rong didn’t give up; instead, thanks to many years of rich experience in neonatal intensive care unit, she made modified CPAP by utilizing ordinary nasal oxygen cannula, and then the baby’s respiratory support was guaranteed quickly.

Make, the director of the medical department of Linden Hospital and Frank, the director of the nursing department, were concerned about the baby. They said that Zhang set up a record in Guyana on successfully saving the smallest baby and created a miracle.

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