Railway staff stick to post in scorching heat
2017-07-27 15:28:00

“Please stand behind the white safety line while waiting for the train,” Liu Jian called to the passengers repeatedly through speaker with his hair and shirt all wet with sweat.

Liu Jian is a passenger steward in Nanjing South Railway Station. Despite the scorching heat, he is sticking to his post 14 hours a day.

The temperature near the rail track reached 50℃at noon on July 26. As a train was pulling in, Liu Jian started to help passengers find their cabins. He waited until passengers all boarded and train left the station.

During the 14.4 hours’ working time, Liu needs to stick to his post organizing the passengers to get on and off the train. He has to rush for the short meal and toilet time. To Liu, the most important thing is the safety and convenience of the passengers, “As delivering passengers to the destination safely is the most meaningful to us.”

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