Woman donates blood to celebrate 60th birthday
2017-07-12 17:09:00

A woman who has donated 8 million ml of blood in the last 33 years made her last contribution earlier this month on the day before her 60th birthday.

Zhou Meilin was welcomed by Xuzhou City Blood Center on July 4. She's an ordinary worker in Jiawang District who made her first blood donation in 1984.

"At that time, non-remunerated blood donation in Xuzhou was just starting, and there weren't enough people donating blood," she said.

Zhou learned from a doctor that blood donation is not only safe for a person's body, but also healthy. Since then, donating blood became a habit, and she insisted on participating every year.

In those 33 years, Zhou has donated more than 210 times, including whole blood and platelets, for a total of 8 million ml of blood products. That is equivalent to the amount of blood found in 20 young people’s bodies.

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