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2017-06-30 13:48:00

Wu Bing performs with Liu Zhenghui, national heritage inheritor of Jinhu (a two-stringed fiddle, for Peking operas) on the "Make Music" Day which falls on each year's June 21 at the parallel session in Taixing, Jiangsu province. (Photo provided to 

Huangqiao Village in Jiangsu’s city of Taixing became extremely bustling on June 21, 2017, a day that “Make Music” celebration was taken all over the world every year. As this year’s parallel session of “Make Music” event, Huangqiao village welcomed every kind of musician — young and old, amateur and professional. Wu Bing from Nanjing was one of them.

It was not Wu’s first time to Huangqiao. The village, used to be famous for Huangqiao Shaobing (a baked mince pork puff from Jiangsu), turned into land of musical instrument as it has been producing musical instruments for over 50 years. It now becomes the world’s biggest violin production base. As a college music teacher and also a musical instrument collector, Wu fancies the village. When he heard the news that “Make Music” event will have a parallel session in Huangqiao, he signed up without hesitation. “I was so excited especially when I know I would have a chance to play with Liu Zhenghui, the national cultural heritage inheritor of Jinghu. Such a chance comes once in a blue moon.” Wu said.

Joining Wu in the music event in Huangqiao were a group of elderly amateurs who were also Wu’s students. “Mr. Wu is a very kind person with great passion on music. He teaches us all for free.” One of his students said. Wu almost spent all his free time in teaching music for free, not only for elderlies but also kids and young people. “I love music and I wish everyone could have the opportunity to enjoy the marvelous art if they’d like. That’s why I’m willing to help them get into music. Whenever people want to learn music, my studio’s door will always be open for them.” Wu shared his thought.   

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