"Learning Chinese makes me more confident!"
2017-05-10 10:46:00

Anne Aymone Corbisier, a quiet girl from Belgium, made a decision six years ago that raised everyone’s eyebrows - learning Chinese.

"Are you crazy? What’s the use of learning Chinese?" That was the only response from her friends. But Anne had made up her mind, and her aunt would definitely offer a helping hand.

Anne’s aunt is from Shanghai. Now living in Belgium with her husband and little son, she speaks Mandarin occasionally. But when the kid got low score on the test, she would get angry and criticize him in Chinese subconsciously: “How could you get such a bad grade?” That was the strong memory Anna had, although she could not understand these “dirty words” at that time. After years of study, however, Anne can not only fully understand it, but can even be qualified as a translator.

Anne once studied computer graphics in Belgium. When it dawned on her that proficiency in Chinese language would be more promising, she was determined to quit computer graphics and turned to Chinese language learning.

To learn a foreign language is not easy at all, especially Chinese. The synonyms always give her a headache. For example, “week” has two expressions in Chinese - “xingqi” and “libai”, all of which made Anne confusing at the very beginning.

Hard work paid off after Anne had gone through a number of trials and trouble. She became an intern reporter at Belgium - China TV, and visited Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hangzhou with Belgian trade delegations. On top of this, she got a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council and an opportunity to study Chinese at Nanjing University in Aug. 2016.

With increasing exchanges between China and Belgium, it shows a growing conviction on Anne that proficiency in Chinese can further his career. In 2018, the China-Belgium Technology Center, also the first business incubator being built by China in Europe, is set to be ready in Louvain-la-Neuve, the city where Anne’s alma mater - Université Catholique de Louvain - is located. Anne, being more independent and confident now, is looking further afield.

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