An Egyptian student’s ‘small goal’
2017-05-08 09:41:00

“Hello everyone. My name is Bai Yun.” Every time the 22-year-old Egyptian student introduces himself, there would be hearty smiles among the crowd, because the literal meaning of Bai Yun – white cloud – always reminds people of the widely known comedy sketch in China – “White Cloud and Black Earth.”

Bai Yun’s English name is Ahmed Magdy Mohamed Hashim Ahmed Ali ElBatawy. “The name is very long, but it carries a unique meaning. Ahmed is my first name, ElBatawy, my surname, while the middle names are referred to my ancestors,” Baiyun explains.

Bai Yun came to Nanjing University to learn Chinese in September 2016. “More and more Egyptians are learning Chinese now. It’s really difficult to get a scholarship. But I made it.”

To study abroad is no easy job. Weather is always among the challenges. “I thought the climate in Nanjing was as good as that in my hometown, so I decided to come to Nanjing. But now I find it’s hotter and more humid here, probably because there is always sea breeze in my hometown,” Bai Yun says.

Bai Yun could not get used to the food at the beginning, almost having loose bowels every day in the first month. But now he has gradually adapted to the life here and even feels at home.

“The most beautiful thing for me is that I can speak Chinese here every day. It’s hard to learn the Chinese language, especially the tones,” Bai says.

Bai Yun once wanted to beat a retreat, but eventually managed to stay with his study here, partly because of the Chinese TV programs he loves, such as The Voice of China and If You Are the One. Editor:Dylan