Afghan guy enjoys studying in China
2017-04-21 15:02:00

With a big smile on the face, Kalan, an Afghan student who has deep eyes and a nice-looking long nose delivered the first impression as a sunshine boy. Moreover, his fluent Chinese surprised everyone who first met him.

Nothing changes one’s opinion more than self-experience. China’s only image to Kalan was food and Kong Fu before he came to the country. After staying in China for a while, he reversed his views. “I thought everyone in China especially men are good at Kong Fu, but I was so wrong.” He laughed. His imagination of China was mostly from movies. “But in reality, you are not much different with us. “ Kalan said.

It’s Kalan’s fifth year in China. Language is not a problem for him. He is used to the life in China. But it wasn’t an easy challenge for him at the beginning. China is such a different country from Afghanistan in culture, climate and diet. “I’m afraid of coming to China as an overseas student because I know Chinese if very difficult to learn.” As China is developing rapidly, Kalan’s uncle believed he would gain a great deal from studying in China. He finally made his decision based on his family’s support.

Born in a big family with many siblings, Kalan is always thinking of others. His nice personality lures many friends around him, both foreigners and locals. “I made a lot of friends in my first two college years. Most Chinese people are shy. Maybe that’s because they grew up alone without any siblings. But they are always nice and friendly.”

Kalan gets really busy on his final year work recently. He decided to take a further study in China. “I don’t know what will happen on me. But I’ll try my best.”


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