David Warth: Suzhou is the ideal city to work and live
2017-04-13 17:26:00

David Warth is the vice president of operations and technology of Emerson Climate Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Born in Alabama, USA, Warth came to Suzhou with his wife and children in 1999 and has lived there ever since.

He fell in love with Suzhou's gardens and teahouses the first time he visited. The most exciting thing for Warth is that he can go boating on Taihu because boating is his favorite sport.

Warth was Suzhou's torchbearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and won the "Jiangsu Friendship Award" in 2014.

"My wife and I came to Suzhou in our 30s. We have spent the best part of our lives here, so we are more emotionally attached to Suzhou. Our children grew up here and went back to the US for college, so they see Suzhou as their first home and the US as their second. "

David Warth recalled that although the Emerson brand was well known in the US, he could hardly sell a thing in Suzhou when the company was starting up.

Against all odds, he set up a research and development center in Suzhou specifically for the Chinese market. In 2005, the first product independently developed by the company in Suzhou was put on the market. Since then, the Emerson brand finally became accepted by Jiangsu customers.

David Warth thinks that foreign brands need to adapt to the local environment and rely on local talent. Among the more than 2,000 employees at the company, only two are foreigners Warth himself and the chief engineer of the research and development center.

Warth hopes to lead the team to develop better products and make a greater contribution to Suzhou's industrial transformation and upgrading. His daughter, who has graduated from university in the US, is planning to return to Suzhou to work in artwork identification and become a cultural ambassador between China and the United States.

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