Tea master’s race with time
2017-04-10 17:13:00


Zheng Xingmei, 49, once won the first prize in the First Handmade Tea Competition of Jiangsu Province. She currently works as the chief tea master in a tea farm.

During the tea picking season, Zheng makes her rounds in the 150-mu (10 hectare) tea garden to guide nearly 100 tea pickers to pick the green tea. They race with time to pick the spring tea.

Every morning, she screens the fresh tea leaves picked by the tea farmers and remove those failing to meet the requirement for tea making. Then, she feeds the selected fresh leaves into the fixing machine and observes carefully. If the machine runs too fast, the tea leaves will retain high moisture and hinder other process; and if the machine runs too slowly, fresh leaves will get burnt and affect the quality of raw tea.

After that, she puts the semi-finished tea leaves into a rolling machine.

In the evening, the first batch of spring tea made by Zheng Xingmei is finally finished. It takes a total of 8 hours from raw material selection in the morning to the completion of tea making.

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