People in Jiangsu

Denis posed for a photo with two Ayis after they experienced the "Ayi Appreciation Day" on May 31. Two Australian hair stylists launched "Ayi Appreciation Day", an activity which gives female sanitation workers free hair-styling to thank their hard work of making the city clean and beautiful.[Detail]
Aurélien shares his Chinese connections. [Detail]
He spent eight years writing a book about the history and culture of Suzhou. [Detail]
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A pretty figure has been frequently spotted bustling round the backstage at some parties in the International community in Nanjing . The woman is named Federica Fiocchetti , who came to Nanjing about six months ago .[Detail]
A solo exhibition is held in NUA from April 26 to May 12.[Detail]
Anne Aymone Corbisier, a quiet girl from Belgium, made a decision six years ago that raised everyone’s eyebrows – learning Chinese. [Detail]
Feng Jianqing is an innovative artist.[Detail]
Global Executive VP of Microsoft Corporation[Detail]
Xing Fei, Zhongke Yuchen Laser Technology[Detail]
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Sophomore at university and a good photographer.[Detail]
Dr. Bikash Nakarmi is a teacher, and an innovator at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. [Detail]
With a big smile on the face, Kalan, an Afghan student who has deep eyes and a nice looking long nose delivered the first impression as a sunshine boy. Moreover, his fluent speaking Chinese surprised everyone who first met him.[Detail]