Volunteers making an impact in Nanjing
2019-02-12 14:46:00

Children at an orphanage in Anhui Province were happy to put on clothes sent by volunteers from the charity organization From Compassion To Action (FCTA) during the Spring Festival, although they have not met face to face.

Out of his profound sympathy towards disadvantaged children, Ali Qadir, who was born in a poor family in Pakistan, established FCTA and vowed to try his best to help them.

He came to study at the School of International Education of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2014. He volunteered in many activities during his spare time and helped other international students to engage in these opportunities too. Gradually, he had many people around him and they shared the same passion for helping others.

In 2016, he founded FCTA and it now has 250 Chinese and foreign volunteers, who have made a difference in elderly care center, orphanage, and schools for left-behind children or disabled. They also cleared snow on the streets at night when Nanjing was hit by a snowstorm.

Every weekend, FCTA volunteers take turns to visit a school of a local charity organization called Junzi Aixin, teaching English and art or sharing stories from their home countries there. These activities have proved to be very popular among children. To help the children better understand the outside world, FCTA volunteers launched a global food and culture program in December 2018. They purchased raw materials on e-commerce platform Taobao.com and then cooked typical food from different countries at schools or orphanages. “Nanjing is like our comfortable home, and the friendly residents here are our family members.” In 2019, FCTA volunteers will continue their projects.

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