Rapping about Wuxi's achievements
2018-01-25 12:04:00

The Cordial Wuxi dialect delivered in a brisk rap and sweet children's voices plus magnificent animation: is such a video attractive to you?

"Our Awesome Wuxi", a musical video made by a Wuxi musician, celebrates the city's achievements over the past year.

A rap performance is on tap in which cartoon boy and girl China dolls convert abstract concepts and statistics into easy-to-understand words.

The children's voices in the video are from real bigwigs: Wang Yicheng, the little prince of music in Wuxi Tianyi Secondary School and Qian Jiaxin, one of the city's Top Ten Outstanding Teenagers.

Based on traditional nursery rhymes, the song creates a more refreshing feeling for listeners by changing the original rhythms.

The words at the beginning are shouted by the musician Du Yichao to welcome the New Year and celebrate Wuxi people's spirit.

A strong traditional Chinese-style atmosphere permeates the whole song making the snatch of Wuxi folk ditties at the end even more impressive.

Wuxi Grand Theatre, Plum Garden, Ecological Garden and other beautiful scenes of Wuxi are displayed throughout the video.

Source:chinadaily.com.cn Editor:Hiram