US collector donates Sun Yat-sen's relics to museum in Nanjing
2017-12-14 16:08:00


The items donated by Chen is related with Sun Yat-sen’s early year activities in Los Angeles of the USA.

They include the postcards issued by the China town around 1910, the Chinese match labels the porcelain cups and news reports issued in memory of the Xinhai Revolution as well as the news reports and postcards of Sun Yat-sen and his founding role in the launch of the Chinese air force in 1912.

The relics also include the memento mourning the death of Sun Yat-sen, the English version of the Three Principles of the People authored by Sun.

The most precious item is a five-color flag used in the parade after the victory of the Xinhai Revolution.

Two books authored by Sun’s foreign military consultants are also of significance as it foretold the war between the US and Japan, 31 years before the breakout of the Pacific War.

According to Yan Zenghua, head of the exhibition department of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Museum, Chen Chanpei is best known for his collection of the items connected with the Flying Tigers during WWII.

This donation is the fourth of its kind for Mr. Chen who has donated altogether 600 historical items to the Nanjing Aviation Martyrs Museum and the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Museum.


Source:江苏国际频道 Editor:Dylan