Forgive, but never forget!
2017-12-07 10:50:00


Memorial ceremonies have been held in Nanjing ahead of the 80th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre and the 4thNational Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims to remember history and pray for peace.

YuChangxiang, who is 91 years old, stood in silence in front of the wall engraved with names of the victims at the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders in Nanjing. His father’s name is engraved on the wall.

88-year-old Xia Shuqin also showed up for the family mourning ceremony. 80 years ago, seven members of her family were killed by the Japanese soldiers. Xia Shuqin has cried so many tears for her parents and siblings who were brutally murdered during the 1937 Japanese invasion of Nanjing that she says it has slowly made her blind.

It has been 80 years since that fateful day but Xia cannot forget how Japanese soldiers butchered her family, effectively marking the beginning of nearly two months of wholesale slaughter, rape and destruction that is today known as the Nanjing Massacre.

Xia won a libel case before the Japanese Supreme Court On 5 February 2009 the Supreme Court of Japan ordered Higashinakano to pay 4 millionJapanese yen in damages to Xia Shuqin, asserting that he had libelously defamed her.

The massacre Japanese did outside the city and around the city was far more brutal, more refugees were murdered savagely in different locations that included Yan Zi Ji and Cao Xie Xia where up to 100,000 civilians and disarmed soldiers were killed.

Four monuments for the massacre victims stand upright on the bank of the Yangtze River, silently telling this painful period of the history. The mourners vary in age from over 70 years old to less than 10 years old.

Agiant oil painting "The Tokyo Trials" was unveiled Monday in the Jinling Museum of Art and it's first leg of the tour exhibition in Nanjing, reproducing the scenes of the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal that tried the Japanese war criminals who are presented in the painting in embroidery figurines on a 1:1 ratio.

Source:江苏国际频道 Editor:Dylan