The County of Sihong explores innovative path for ecological conservation
2017-10-11 11:16:00

The County of Sihong in north Jiangsu has boosted its efforts for the promotion of ecological conservation and environmental protection by constructing the Huaihe River Eco-friendly Economic Belt and the Jiangsu Eco-friendly Park.

Authorities in Sihong have stepped up the efforts for the crackdown on sand mining in Huaihe River by beefing up patrol in the river valley and confiscating more than 200 illegal sand mining vessels.

In order to combat illegal sand mining from the source, 110 sand mining vessels have been dismantled with the remaining to be disassembled before the year end.

In the past five years, the county has also discouraged more than 400 investment projects from settling down due to their failure to meet the industrial policy and environmental requirements.

[voice over]Last month, the county authorities discouraged two waste tire recyclingenterprises from launching their 100-million-yuan investment projects.

In the meantime, the local authorities have highlighted the assessment on the fulfillment of green GDP by renovating 270 coal-fired small boilers and shutting down all the breeding farms in the no-breeding zone. 11 small chemical plants have been closed and 26 VOC-emitting enterprises have been rectified.

Source:江苏国际频道 Editor:Cassie