Experiencing charms of time changes in the village
2017-09-26 16:14:00

As two of China's four great inventions, movable type and hand-made paper have always retained the charm of "slow culture". More than 20 international friends visited Changzhou's first cultural experience shop, Time Imprints, on the afternoon of September 23.

The movable type printing experience pavilion left many people very excited. Everyone couldn’t wait to try the ancient printing craft after seeing the vintage printing machines and the regenerated type. Alongside the dense aroma of ink, typesetting, composing, and printing, everyone experienced the charm of traditional culture. Yaquelin, from America said, "there are not many people left familiar with past printing techniques. Nowadays, people are occupied by mobile phones or so many social media. It seems everyone is isolated from others. Paper-working here makes me feel peaceful."


Source:jschina.com.cn Author:Hao Meng Editor:Nicky