Tibetan children return home after recovering from cardiac surgery
2017-09-14 17:35:00

Two Tibetanchildren of congenital heart diseasehaveset foot on the journey homeafterundergoingsuccessful operationsin Suzhou.

QimiBaizhen, one of theTibetanchildren, was diagnosed withatrialseptaldefect, abirth defect of the heart in which thereis a hole in the wallorseptum that divides the upper chambers of the heartoratria.She was unable to get effective treatment due tothe poormedical facilitiesat her hometown.

At the end of last month, the 8-year-old girl was sent to the children’s hospital affiliated withSoochowUniversity for surgeries.

An 8-month-old baby was also sent to thehospitalinSuzhoufor treatment.ZhaxiBianba, as the baby is called, was found to haveatrialseptaldefectandpatentductusarteriosus15 days after birth.

The hospital arranged for the best doctors to operate on the children who have now recovered and are getting back home.

Pan Tao, a doctor from the hospital inSuzhouand currently working in Tibet, will escort them on their home-bound trip.

Source:江苏国际频道 Editor:Hiram