Jiangsu making headway in paired assistance in Xinjiang
2017-09-08 17:38:00

Over the past two decades, east China’s Jiangsu province has making headway in the promotion of the paired assistance in Xinjiang to give rise to an all-round, multi-level and widespread layout of assistance for the sustainable development in Xinjiang. The paired assistance program is a strategic plan assigned to Jiangsu by the CPC central committee and an obligatory political responsibility for Jiangsu.

In 1996, the first batch of Jiangsu cadres arrived at the Yili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture to unleash the province’s paired assistance in Xinjiang.

Over the past two decades, more than 1700 jiangsu cadres in nine batches have been sent to Xinjiang to contribute to the social and economic development there.

Since the beginning of the new round of paired assistance program in 2010, Jiangsu has arranged for 1203 investment projects to be launched in Xinjiang with the total capital adding up to 9.17 billion yuan, ranking foremost in the country.

Jiangsu has ensured to allocate 80% of the aid fund for livelihood projects at the grassroots level by building 56 hospitals at an expense of 2.59 billion yuan. The province has also constructed 123 schools by investing 2 billion yuan and 232000 affordable houses with 1.86 billion yuan. 187000 rural settlements have been built for the herdsmen at an expense of 327 million yuan.

In the meantime, Jiangsu has further strengthened the support for the beneficiary regions in Xinxiang to enhance the impetus and the vigor of the local development. The industrial cooperation projects have totaled 260 billion yuan and provided more than 30,000 jobs for the local people.

Jiangsu has also brought into full play its advantageous resources in talent pool to send over more professionals to Xinjiang. The province has dispatched 964 teachers and 755 doctors to Xinxiang while training 194000 local cadres and talents. Some 20000 students have been enrolled by the schools under the paired assistance program.

Source:江苏国际频道 Editor:Hiram