A French touch of magnifique life in Nanjing
2017-09-07 10:54:00


"Nanjing is the city where I receive the best welcome,” said Thibaud Geffroy, general manager of Sofitel Nanjing Zhongshan Golf Resort.

Thibaud Geffroy, 34, who came to Nanjing only six months ago, enjoys the life here very much. Besides “the welcoming people” here, the fact that he can speak fluent Mandarin may also play an important part.

Thibaud could barely speak Chinese when he came all the way from Paris to Beijing in Aug. 2004. Undeterred by such worry, he decided to learn Chinese by himself, “although at the start the Chinese characters seem like piles of random codes to me”.

Speaking of the work here, Thibaud is very proud of Sofitel’s performance in Nanjing. “Located at the foot of the Purple Mountain, Sofitel Nanjing Zhongshan Golf Resort has built a good reputation for its unique French touch and up-to-date facilities. I hope to stay longer, learning more about Chinese culture, and continuing to forge ahead with our business,” Thibaud laid out his vision.

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