Woman hailed a hero after risking her life to rescue boy from street
2017-09-05 11:26:00

A young woman in Huai’an city has been hailed a hero after video emerged of her rescuing a boy from the vehicle flow on the street.

Li Han, a saleswoman of a company in Huai’an, was born in 1992.

She has recently been awarded the honorary titles of the most beautiful girl in Huai’an and the woman hero in Huai’an due to her brave act to save an endangered boy.

It all happened at eight pm on July 26, 2013 when Li Han, who had just got home after returning from work, noticed a boy bouncing about in the middle of a street, totally oblivious of the coming of a speeding car.

At the life-threatening moment, Li Han dashed forward to pull the boy aside out of her sub-consciousness.

The boy escaped the speeding car unscathed but Li Han had a fatal fall with her arms rolled over and injured by the car.

Li was out of danger after being treated at a hospital but suffered from infection due to the wound from the traumatic injuries, which left behind a 1—cm-long scar on her arm.

The young woman’s brave act was soon spread by word of mouth after being carried on the local media reports. She has been given the thumbs up and culminated with her harvest of love.

Time flies but people will never forget her heroic act in the years to come.

Source:ourjiangsu Editor:Cassie