Promo video on Nanjing’s bid for UN literature status goes viral on the Internet
2017-08-10 17:33:00

A promo video on Nanjings bid to become a United Nations City of Literaturehas gone viral on the Internet. The promo highlighted Nanjings literary heritage that is expected to make the city the first UNESCO City of Literature inChina. 

UNESCO's City of Literature program is part of its Creative Cities Network which was launched in 2004. The Network was born out of UNESCO's Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity initiative which was created in 2002. Its aim is to "promote the social, economic and cultural development of cities in both the developed and the developing world." The cities in network promote their local creative scene and conform to UNESCO’s goal of fostering cultural diversity. 

To be approved as a City of Literature, cities need to meet a number of criteria. In essence, these include the quality, quantity and diversity of publishing in the city, the quality and quantity of educational programs focusing on domestic or foreign literature at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, literature, drama and/or poetry playing an important role in the city, hosting literary events and festivals which promote domestic and foreign literature, existence of libraries, bookstores and public or private cultural centers which preserve, promote and disseminate domestic and foreign literature, involvement by the publishing sector in translating literary works from diverse national languages and foreign literature, and active involvement of traditional and new media in promoting literature and strengthening the market for literary products. 

So far, UNESCO has designated 20 cities of literature, including Krakow, Edinburgh, Heidelberg, Iowa City and more. If approved, Nanjing would become the first Chinese city to receive this honor among UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. 

The 2,500-year-old Nanjing has been recognized as a city of poetry, a city of Buddhism and a hub of literature with a history of literature of over 1,800 years. Thesacred arch at the Confucius Temple reveals that Nanjing has been the center of literature since ancient China. 

With the sun setting in on Wuyi Lane, children were seen reading books quietly inside the Junhui bookstore, which is rebuilt on a model of a traditional building. Elders were seen practicing calligraphy on the park ground, and the eyes of students were sparkling from reading literature books in their schools. 





Every moment in the promo is lifelike as if it were a piece of painting. The first interviewee in the promo is made with Mr Bi Feiyu, the winner of Mao Dun Literature Prize, one of the most prestigious literature prizes in China. “The citys heritage with literature is quite natural.” said Bi, “From my point of view, Nanjing is the city of literature and arts with so many outstanding men of letters such as Wang Xizhi, Li Bai, Can Xueqin, to name just a few. They all had a connection with this city and left behind their foot prints here.” Editor:Hiram