Xiao Long Baozi- First foreign music video in Nanjing!
2017-08-08 10:13:00

Fisch'n Friends is a foreign supergroup formed by Rick, Chase, Zepp and Jonny. Recently it has released the music video of its original Chinese song Xiao Long Baozi —— the first foreign produced music video ever in Nanjing! 

In the music video, Rick, Chase, Zepp and Jonny express their love for Chinese food especially Xiao Long Baozi, and their love for Chinese people. It is pleasant and it reminds you of your own life in China! 

Rick wrote Xiao Long Baozi seven years ago when he was singing at Don Quixote, and a customer asked if he knew any Chinese songs. Rick started singing the only Mandarin he knew and turned it into a song the next day. He has been playing Xiao Long Baozi ever since then and Chase and his buddy Zach always said they should record it and make a video. It took seven years of convincing but finally they decided to really make it happen in June!

They filmed the music video at Rick's apartment, Confucius temple, the wall at Xuan Wu Lake near JiMing Temple, Beijing duck restaurant on Shanghai Road and Tap Planet.

Rick Fischl大鱼 

Rick Fischl is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. A musician from the suburbs of Chicago, USA that has been teaching in Nanjing since 2008. He draws inspiration from Jimmy Buffet, Pearl Jam, and the Beatles.

Utsav “Zepp” Kharel 欧俊熙 

As the lead guitarist from the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal, Zepp draws inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Nirvana, and Audioslave. Zepp has been in Nanjing for over nine years and in addition to performing all around China, he has staged numerous live music events in Nanjing, including the Chic Hills Music Festival and the Nanjing International Festival.

Chase Stewart 齐德 

Bassist from Philly, USA, Chase has been in Nanjing since 2010. He is the co-owner of Tap Planet Co., an American style craft beer bar and restaurant in Nanjing. A resident of Nanjing for seven years, he has been featured in JSBC, NJBC, and Tudou Box Show productions and has travelled around eastern China performing with many different bands.

Jonny Schouten 萧俊宁 

Jonny is a multi-instrumentalist and music teacher from Manchester, UK, living in Nanjing for five years. Jonny performs with a number of different bands and writes and produces music in a hugely diverse number of genres.

Source:thenanjinger.com Editor:Hiram