Jiangsu Video

The County of Sihong in north Jiangsu has boosted its efforts for the promotion of ecological conservation and environmental protection by constructing the Huaihe River Eco-friendly Economic Belt and the Jiangsu Eco-friendly Park. [Detail]
The city of Yangzhou has relied on the introduction of large investment projects as an important link for the consolidation of the industrial structures and optimization of the industrial levels to make the city more habitable for the local people who have in turn had a better sense of gain from the fruits of reform. [Detail]
Like my foreign friend Waz said , the first week of living in China is crazy but will pay off in the future .[Detail]
Jiangsu should strive to promote the development of modern marine economy and highlight the characteristic advantages in the construction of the coastal economic zone in the promotion of the 1 + 3 strategy for the key functional areas .[Detail]
Police in Zhangjiagang city has turned to unmanned aerial vehicles to help improve campus security for primary schools .[Detail]
As two of China ' s four great inventions , movable type and hand-made paper have always retained the charm of " slow culture " .[Detail]
The 8th Meeting of China-ASEAN Heads of Intellectual Property Offices was held Monday in Suzhou . Wu Zhenglong , governor of Jiangsu , met with the directors Intellectual Property Office of 10 ASEAN countries and addressed the opening ceremony .[Detail]
Named “ Impression of Nanjing ” , the 178 - second video , which took the team two years , contains 50 iconic spots and 76 alleys of Nanjing .[Detail]
Two Tibetanchildren of congenital heart diseasehaveset foot on the journey homeafterundergoingsuccessful operationsin Suzhou .[Detail]
And of the 20th Centuryfought in late 1948 and early 1949 between the ruling Kuomintang troops and the Communist-led People ’ s Liberation Army whichclaimedthe final victory .[Detail]
The last bridge deck demolition work on the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge was completed on Sept 12, revealing the inside of the steel skeleton. In the next month, the construction plan will officially start pavement work on the main bridge deck. This aerial photograph shows the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge on Sept 13. [Detail]
The 2017 World Internet of Things Exposition ( WIOT ) kicked off in Wuxi on Sept .[Detail]
As the member of this foreign media team, Shreejana, a Nepali journalist, said she was really excited by the culture and development of Wuxi, after being taken to many new and beautiful places. [Detail]
As the member of this foreign media team, Lucy Segal, working for BBC, said that she had no idea how to describe what an old and beautiful city Wuxi was, especially after a open boat visit on the Wuxi old canal. [Detail]
Over the past two decades , east China ’ s Jiangsu province has making headway in the promotion of the paired assistance in Xinjiang to give rise to an all-round .[Detail]