Jiangsu Video

Children at an orphanage in Anhui Province were happy to put on clothes sent by volunteers from the charity organization From Compassion To Action ( FCTA ) during the Spring Festival , although they have not met face to face .[Detail]
The Confucius Institute at Portland State University, developed with the strong support of Soochow University, won Confucius Institute of the Year at the 13th Confucius Institute Conference in Chengdu, Dec. 5. [Detail]
In the evening of July 3, an epiphyllum, known as queen of the night, quietly bloomed at Mr. Tao's home in Ximen community, Jurong Economic and Technological Development Zone. [Detail]
Nanjing public transportation has fully launched the Alipay service that involves about 10,000 buses and nearly 800 routes. [Detail]
Suzhou ' s impressive balance of preserving its ancient culture while nurturing new development impressed some of the expats who joined a recent " Go Jiangsu " trip .[Detail]
A Chinese-built dredging vessel , the largest of its kind in Asia , departed a port in east China ' s Jiangsu Province Friday afternoon for its first sea trial .[Detail]
The final of 2018 " Love in Wuxi " Chinese Speech Contest for Foreigners took place in Wuxi , East China ' s Jiangsu province , on June.He has lived in Wuxi for six years , and says that Wuxi is his favorite city among the 300 cities he has been to . [ Photo by Xue Xinyi/chinadaily . com . cn ].[Detail]
On the bright Sunday of April 15 , a group of expats living , working or studying in Wuxi spent a day engaging in the local Sanyuesan celebrations and updating their impressions of Wuxi .[Detail]
Yuantouzhu , or Turtle Head Isle in East China ' s Wuxi city , is known as China ' s top tourist resort for viewing cherry trees .[Detail]
Millions of blooming canola flowers are attracting thousands of tourists and photographers in Taizhou city , Jiangsu Province . They have to be quick - the flowers will fade by the end of April .[Detail]
A press release for the 2018 Beverly Wuxi Marathon was held today , as there are now only 6 days left before the grand sporting event .[Detail]
Over the 15 minute showtime , drones presented dreamlike scenes , such as growing trees or a starry sky on a 2000 - square meter plaza .[Detail]
In recent years , progress has been made to try and lower this figure .[Detail]
The video , filmed on Feb . 22 in the eastern Chinese city of Yancheng , drew fascination and a slew of criticism on Chinese social media platform Weibo .[Detail]
A video from CCTV has recorded the old festive tradition and customs as well as new changes during the Chines Lunar New Year , or Spring Festival .[Detail]