Jiangsu Video

The local taxation authority in Jiangsu has strived to promote streamlining administration and delegating power to lower-level governments and optimizing administrative services to boost online collection and payment of social insurance charges by relying on the big data and the Internet.[Detail]
Some 400 experts from home and abroad gathered in Nanjing on Friday for an international symposium on smart grid control and operation.[Detail]
The Red-crowned Crane Nature Reserve in Yancheng city has photographed for the first time the entire process of egrets ’ courtship , mating and reproduction .[Detail]
East China ’ s Jiangsu province has stepped up its efforts since the start of this year for the eco-friendly use of crop stubbles to find more solutions to the treatment of the straws and stubbles and help the farmers and enterprises concerned to cut costs and increase efficiency .[Detail]
A promo video on Nanjing ’ s bid to become a United Nations City of Literaturehas gone viral on the Internet . The promo highlighted Nanjing ’ s literary heritage that is expected to make the city the first UNESCO City of Literature inChina .If approved , Nanjing would become the first Chinese city to receive this honor among UNESCO ’ s Creative Cities Network . The 2500 - year-old Nanjing has been recognized as a city of poetry .[Detail]
Fisch ' n Friends is a foreign supergroup formed by Rick , Chase , Zepp and Jonny . Recently it has released the music video of its original Chinese song Xiao Long Baozi — — the first foreign produced music video ever in Nanjing ![Detail]
The High-tech Zone of Wuxi and Alibaba's Ali Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to work together on the establishment of the Hongshan Internet of Things basic platform - Fei Feng platform for the creation of a world-class Internet of Things demonstration projects to promote the development of the Hongshshan IOT town.[Detail]
Li Qiang, chief of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, urged university leaders to attach importance to talent cultivation so as to gain the upper hand in the fiercer competition for talents. He made the remarks Wednesday at the opening ceremony of the summer training session for university leaders in Jiangsu.[Detail]
More than 100 properties in 10 villages were damaged , with ten people sustaining minor injuries .[Detail]
A foreign band called Fisch ' n Friends is very popular in Nanjing . They usually play live in a bar in Xihe Square , attracting lots of friends here to have fun .[Detail]
Li Qiang , chief of the standing committee of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee .[Detail]
The city of Huai ’ an has made unremitting efforts to boost the construction of large investment projects through varied means and diversified efforts .[Detail]
12 teams of middle school students from across the province gathered in Changzhou city for the province ’ s inaugural mock CPPCC session for juveniles .[Detail]
The sizzling heat wave has turned out to be the toughest on those who must work outdoors during the blazing temperatures as the mercury has shot up to above 38 degrees Celsius across the province .[Detail]
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Foreigners’ experience in China has definitely made a difference in their daily routine, especially in the aspects of food, social life, entertainment, etc. [Detail]