Jiangsu Video

Nanjing Gold Foil is a national intangible cultural heritage originated in the area of Longtan Garden in Qixia District of Nanjing.[Detail]
It’s an ingrained part of tradition for the local people in Nanjing to watch the annual Spring Festival Lantern Show at the Confucius Temple along the Qinhuai River.[Detail]
Jinling engraved block printing originated in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), dating back to 1,300 years ago.[Detail]
Zhang Fanglin, national-level inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage, was born to a family that has been engaged in the making of paper-cutting for more than 100 years.[Detail]
Ni Shijin, 60, provincial-level inheritor of Jinling Folding Fan, has been engaged in the industry for 38 years.[Detail]
The Chinese New Year will soon be upon us. Some foreigners can’t wait to send their greetings! [Detail]
With a 3000 - year history and a long-standing culture built around life on the water , Wuxi is not just famous for its gourmet delicacies .[Detail]
Giant Spring Festival couplets , 9 meters long and 1.2 meters wide , were hung up on eight ancient city gates in Suzhou of Jiangsu province , Feb . 10 , adding festival mood to the city .[Detail]
Intelligent Manufacturing in Wuxi[Detail]
With a history of over 2500 years , Yangzhou is well-known for its rivers and classic gardens .[Detail]
On the night of Jan. 27, a team of three international students kept serving hot water to some 250 sweepers, urban patrol officers and police officers, who were sweeping snow from the roads and the paths.[Detail]
The Cordial Wuxi dialect delivered in a brisk rap and sweet children ' s voices plus magnificent animation : is such a video attractive to you ?[Detail]
A battery thought to be an iPhone appeared to explode after a man bit into it in a shop in China , apparently to check its authenticity .[Detail]
From his first love letter to his deathbed , Ouyang ’ s husband wrote her poetry for 55 years .[Detail]
The annual New Year ' s party at Jiangnan University in Wuxi , East China is always the most anticipated event for international students .[Detail]