Jiangsu Video

The city of Nanjing is poised to boost its transformation and upgrading through intelligent manufacturing to consolidate its presence on the pilot list of the demonstration cities for the country’s Made-in-China 2025 strategy. [Detail]
Construction on the day care center at a village in Tongchuan City, Shaanxi province has come to a close with the interior decoration going on smoothly. [Detail]
Memorial ceremonies have been held in Nanjing ahead of the 80th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre and the 4thNational Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims to remember history and pray for peace. [Detail]
The Archives of Suzhou Silk from Modern and Contemporary Times has been included in the Memory of the World Register by the UNESCO. [Detail]
Medical workers in Suqian city were seen making registrations at a blood donation site so that they could go through the physical examination before contributing their blood. [Detail]
The youth messengers of Jiangsu are all deeply connected with foreign affairs, no matter political, economic, or cultural.[Detail]
Lou Qinjian, secretary of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, gave instructions on the promotion of the innovation and entrepreneurship campaign while making an inspection tour Thursday to some research institutes in Nanjing. [Detail]
The prices for outbound tours at the end of the year will drop as much as 10% this year due to the relaxed visa application, currency exchange rate fluctuation and group purchases organized by travel agencies. [Detail]
The city of Yangzhou has unveiled a slew of supportive policies, taxation services and talent-oriented services to spark the enthusiasm of the small and micro enterprises in their endeavors for innovation and entrepreneurship. [Detail]
The private sector saw its added value grow 8.1% year on year to become the major driving force behind the growth momentum during the 10-month period. [Detail]
The wind tunnel is mainly used in the military and aerospace training , as well as scientific research . the 2017 Zhenjiang aviation carnival also provided visitors with other activities to experience , including VR , drones and helicopter boarding .[Detail]
Jiangsu Province and Cork County have agreed to establish friendly provincial-county relations for the promotion of friendly exchanges and economic exchanges on the basis of equality and mutual benefit in a bid to deepen the exchanges and cooperation in various fields. [Detail]
The doctors in Nanjing expect that Bradford will be able to be home alone when the treatment and rehabilitation meet the requirements .[Detail]
More homes for people with disabilities will be set up at the township and sub-district levels in the future .[Detail]
A whale calf rescued from the beach at a seaside village in Jiangsu province on Monday was found stranded again on Wednesday. [Detail]