Jiangsu Video

34 international friends from over 20 countries, who study or work in Nanjing and Wuxi took a day trip to experience the life along the river bank in Liangxi district of Wuxi on June 9. [Detail]
I'm here to attend the 7th Jiangnan University Food and Culture Festival, an event not to be missed by any foodie worth his salt, or with half an idea what a free lunch looks like. [Detail]
Dr. Bikash Nakarmi is a teacher, and an innovator at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. [Detail]
Tradition . Exquisiteness . Craftsmanship . These are the three elements of Su embroidery .The mother and son said they want more people to share their passion for this ancient art , and making it more accessible to more people might just be one of the ways to keep it alive .[Detail]
An international culture festival kicked off in Nanjing Xiaozhuang University on the morning of April 18 , attracting lots of visitors .[Detail]
Yancheng's specialty lies on local seafood.[Detail]
A Tachi tea ceremony performance was put on stage for the foreign visitors at Yixing Yangxian Tea Culture Museum on April 7, 2017. [Detail]
Themed with zen and tea, this year’s “Foreigner’s View of Jiangsu” starts its first trip to Yixing, Jiangsu’s city of Wuxi. [Detail]
For people of Huai’an, stir-fried eel is not just a source for cooking, it is more like a bond connecting people together. [Detail]
Observers of Qingming Festival wear traditional clothes to partake in the worshiping ceremony honoring ancestors at Huishan Ancient Town , Wuxi , Jiangsu province on April.[Detail]
In scenes worthy of an action movie , a worker who fell from the side of a building in east China ’ s Taicang City last Wednesday was caught and saved from serious injury by a passing martial artist .[Detail]
A video called "A nurse of Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital angrily rebukes a hospital scalper" has spread across the internet recently.[Detail]
A man got stuck between the train compartment and platform, and was squeezed to death on Mar. 26. [Detail]
The panda Zhaoyang, while entertaining himself, won the hearts of children who planted bamboo trees at Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo on the mornings of Mar. 11 and 12.[Detail]
February and March are the months when these eye-catching purple flowers come into bloom at Nanjing University of Science and Technology. [Detail]