Jiangyin, a county-level city in Wuxi, is preparing a financial service center for small and micro- enterprises (SMEs), with annual revenue below 20 million yuan ($3.25 million), reported the Wuxi Daily. [Detail]
Serial number printed in notes from ATMs.jpg
The ATMs of the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), Bank of Communications (BC), China Merchants Bank (CMB), Industrial Bank (IB) and Ping An Bank in Nanjing can now issue banknotes with serial numbers printed which are also attached with the logo of the People’s Bank of China.[Detail]
The cash squeeze in the interbank system is rippling out across the residential property market, as many commercial banks in Nanjing have called a stop to giving mortgage loans for properties that were occupied and have been put up for sale.[Detail]
Serial number of RMB printed.jpg
Residents of Jiangsu province can ask bank staff to print the serial number for the RMB they withdraw at bank counters from July 1,disclosed the People’s Bank of China Nanjing Branch on Jun.[Detail]
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Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) opened a new concept experience center at an industrial park in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu province on May 9. This marks the first step of "smart bank" in the country. The experience center consists of six theme areas dedicated to individual users, corporate customers, businesses related to rural area, agriculture, and farmers, partners, online banking experience, and promotion. Personal banking services available include wealth management and mobile banking. [Detail]
The batch of counterfeit notes were high quality, with clear, raised printing on the surface, police said, as well as the feel of real currency.However, the fake notes are 2 millimeters shorter than real notes and the number 100 on the lower left front corner does not change colors when seen from different angles like the real ones.[Detail]
Apr 6 is an unusual day for Zhang Zhiquan and his family, who found their 300,000 yuan (US$48,400) within just 45 minutes after it was lost.[Detail]
A bank card charge rates modification plan launched by the National Development and Reform Commission was approved by the State Council on Sept 12.[Detail]
An exhibition on banks and history and culture of currencies opened on morning of Sept 12 at Nanjing Culture and Arts Center. [Detail]
So to stimulate personal consumption credit business,it’s possible that more favorable interest rates will be offered to mortgage loan applicants. [Detail]