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New rules to control foreign investment in China's property market have been agreed,following concern that surging foreign speculation in the market is forcing up house prices Shanghai-based China Business News reported on July 17,2006 that six government bodies including the Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Commerce have signed an agreement on a rule to regulate overseas capital in the property market Foreign firms or individuals will have to use their real names when buying residential houses. [Detail]
According to Chinese laws and administrative regulations on traffice,foreigners should have a driving license that is issued by Chinese traffic administrative departments before that can drive a motor vehicle in China. For foreigners already have driving licenses of their own countries or an international driving license,they can take the driving licenses and their ID cards to the local vehicle administration branch of the local public security bureau to get a Chinese driving license. [Detail]
GoTone of China Mobile,World Wind of China Unicom,and CDMA New Space of China Telecom are good choices for post paid services 3)Applying for a mobile phone number and mobile internet service You can apply for a mobile phone number and mobile internet service with your valid passport at the service hall of a mobile service provider. If you need more services,please call the customer service hotline(listed below)of the mobile service provider 4)How to use mobile phone services Making calls a. Making an international call First make sure that international call service is available from your telecommunication/mobile service provider. [Detail]
Most major TV stations are managed at the provincial and even city level. One producer commented on the pressure that filling thousands of hours of airtime can create. Most provincial level stations are broadcast nationally,and in fact are in fierce competition for ratings. They've got hours of footage to fill only a 45 minute spot and all the tricks of the modern editing room to aid them. Any major city will have some film and TV agents you can find online. I asked the producer of the show what she thought of this and she said she wished foreigners would come to them instead of them having to scour university campuses 。 [Detail]
If you are new to China and need to open a bank account,for the sake of convenience it is best to use one of the country's many commercial banks. The employees will give you a bilingual form to fill out. Bank staff members are often careful and patient,and may even have neater handwriting than you Make sure that the name on the form matches the name on your passport exactly. For internet banking,the password needs to be changed online to a pin with numbers and letters once you get home. Don't forget it Here are some other tips 1.Many foreigners assume that Bank of China sounds like the most reliable bank,yet it doesn't provide the best customer service. [Detail]
FaxAddressCode 1Yangzhou China International Travel Service0086-514-7348925734427810 Fengleshang Street,Yangzhou225002 2China Travel Service Yangzhou0086-514-7317188734380410 Shita Road,Yangzhou225002 3Yangzhou China Youth Travel Service Co. AddressCode 1Xuzhou China International Travel Service0086-516-3829076382907661 Mingzhu South road,Xuzhou221000 2Xuzhou China Travel Service(XZCTS)0086-516-37169723716970153 Huaihai East Road,xuzhou221005 3Xuzhou Railway International Travel Service Co. [Detail]
Xuzhou Name of the HotelsAddressZip CodeTelFax Xuzhou Zhongshan Hotel80 South Zhongshan Rd,Xuzhou221002 0086-516-5698900 0086-516-5692233 Xuzhou Handu Hotel111 East Jianguo Rd,Xuzhou221003 0086-516-3800111 0086-516-3803077 Xuzhou Hengtian Hotel128 South Fuxing Rd,Xuzhou221003 0086-516-3818188 0086-516-3813404 Xuzhou Garden Hotel1 Jiefang Rd,Xuzhou2210030086-516-3738740 0086-516-3722905 Xuzhou Youyi Hptel241 West Huaihai Rd,Xuzhou2210060086-516-57581240086-516-5765642 Xuzhou Jinda Garden Hotel36 Hubei Rd,Xuzhou221006 0086-516-5809999 0086-516-5793301 Xuzhou Nanjiao Hotel55 Heping Rd,Xuzhou2210090086-516-3847000 0086-516-3844995。 [Detail]