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How much does it cost The costs of attending a Chinese university are statistically much lower than colleges in the West. The application process There are two ways in which you can apply for the university of your choice–either directly through the school itself,or through China's University and College Admission System(CUCAS).Applying via CUCAS is by far your best bet,as it's a surprisingly streamlined online program that gets you a response from the university within two to four weeks of submission. Choosing to study at a foreign university is often extremely exciting–and a little terrifying. [Detail]
The functions of HSK Certificates(1)to certify that the holder has acquired the required Chinese Proficiency to enter a college or university as an undergraduate or graduate student(2)to certify that the holder can be exempt from taking the Chinese language course depending on the level of certification(3)as a basis for 。 The following is the time schedule of 2008 HSK tests(1)HSK(Basic):2 tests The 1st test Time:April The 2nd test Time:November(2)HSK(Elementary-Intermediate):3 tests The 1st test Time:April The 2nd test Time:June The 3rd test Time:November(。 [Detail]
Since the implementation of reform and opening up,the reform and development of higher education have made significant achievements. A two-level education provision system has taken shape in which the central and local government will take different responsibilities to provide education with the former responsible for the overall planning and management. With regard to the financing system,the old system in which the funding of higher education depended on the governments only has been changed and a new system capable of pooling resources from diverse channels with the main responsibilities on government has been gradually established and perfected 。 [Detail]
The students in secondary vocational school should be primary school graduates or the youth with equivalent cultural knowledge and its schooling lasts 3 to 4 years. Aiming at training secondary-level skill workers,skill worker schools enroll junior high school graduates and their schooling lasts 3 years. Developing on the basis of the structural reform of secondary education after China adopted the policy of reform and opening to the outside world and directly coming from the reorganization of regular high schools,vocational high school enrolls junior high school graduates and its schooling lasts 3 years. [Detail]
Schools and other educational institutions with the approval or consent of the state shall award schooling credentials or other schooling certificates according to corresponding regulations of the state 。 Article 24 The state shall adopt educational inspection system and educational assessment system for schools and other educational institutions Chapter III Schools and Other Educational Institutions 。 Article 30 Schools and other educational institutions sponsors shall decide on the management of schools and other educational institutions according to concerned state regulations 。 [Detail]
There are 465 institutions of higher education in China qualified to accept international students 1).Applicants may apply to the China Scholarship Council(CSC)through overseas educational institutions or non-governmental organizations 2).Applicants may apply to CSC directly 3).Applicants may apply to Chinese institutions of higher education directly. [Detail]