Culture and Creativity Competition (Gusu district) 2017 kicks off
2017-04-27 09:05:00

Suzhou’s Gusu district launched a culture and creativity competition recently to inspire novel designs and solutions to make the city brand better known at home and abroad.

Culture and Creativity Competition (Gusu district) 2017 kicks off

The poster designed for the Culture and Creativity Competition 2017. [Photo from WeChat: suzhouvisit]

There are several themes listed in this contest, including: a logo for Gusu district, application of emerging materials into traditional dwellings, solution to promote the tourism service portal, R&D on products featuring Suzhou wedding conventions, incorporating Chinese characteristics into designs of western wedding dresses, and innovative map sketches for Gusu district.

Winners can expect to receive 1,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan. The deadline for submission is June 12, and the finals are scheduled to happen on July 11.

Applications should be sent to:

As a city of antiquities and vitality, Suzhou has been known to entertain its visitors with riotous looks. And sponsors of the contest expect competitors to make full use of advanced techniques and their knowledge and ideas of Suzhou’s local culture to produce creative and artistic works. Editor:Rose