20th 'Oriental Water City' festival about to commence
2017-04-21 09:10:00

The opening ceremony of the 20th "Oriental Water City" China International Tourism Festival will kick off on April 22 in Suzhou, a city famed as the “Venice of the Orient” in China’s Jiangsu province.

The event, jointly sponsored by the National Tourism Administration and the city government, will last until mid May, during which time a number of tourist attractions will give the latest news on colorful programs and discounts to various degrees, depicting an all-around picture of scenery and customs featured at noted attractions incoprorating Taihu Lake area, Baimajian (White Horse Gully) and Longchi (Dragon Pool) resorts, mountains such as Dayang Mountain, old river towns, classical gardens, and temples, as well as modern entertainment facilities, namely the exciting Suzhou Amusement Park in High-tech district.

20th 'Oriental Water City' festival about to commence

The "Oriental Water City" China International Tourism Festival, Suzhou, is an annual event with a 20-year history. [Photo from WeChat: suzhouvisit]

In spite of the similar slogan, the festival has actually varied its themes in order to showcase the ancient elements but also the very vibrant charming different facades of the city that have been changing with the times. Every year, it launches a string of attractive and vigorous activties, such as the “Riding in Suzhou for a ‘low-carbon life, happy travel’” in Kunshan, and an investment fair, to enliven both the city and entertain visiting people in enjoyable ways.

There have been more than 100 festive activities scheduled to take place in the city, including a music carnival, sailing boat competition, lily flower fair, mulberry picking, orienteering contest, night camping in the Dayang Mountain area, Yangcheng Lake tourism festial, airplane model games, folk song performances in Zhangjiagang, peony show in Changshu, water food fair in Taicang, and the windmill world in Zhouzhuang antient town.

Suzhou is a paradise with an abundance of natural wonders and historic relics, folk arts, and cultures. Many of its scenic spots have been included into world and national intangible heritage lists, especially the well-preserved private classical gardens and Kunqu Opera.

Source:chinadaily.com.cn Editor:Rose