Upcoming Events

Peter Gentenaar is an extraordinary Dutch printmaker who is good at making delicate paper sculptures. More than 100 of Peter Gentenaar’s ethereal paper sculptures are on permanent display in the Abbey church of Saint-Riquier in France. [Detail]
Heaven Worshiping Palace in Nanjing opens free of charge to public[Detail]
Jamy Yang , a renowned industrial designer who incorporates traditional crafts in contemporary products , shared his concepts at a lecture themed " Design , Innovation and the Road Ahead " with audiences at Eslite Spectrum Suzhou on May.[Detail]
The brochure of the 2017 Yangtze Delta Oil Painting Exhibition .[Detail]
The drama tells the adventure of a girl named Xiao Duo who gets lost in a fairyland one day. Thanks to two books and a black cat, Xiao Duo makes new friends in the fairyland. The drama has amazing 3D effects. [Detail]
Manufacturing in focus at Kunshan import event
Global manufacturing solutions providers will gather at the 2017 China Import Expo in Kunshan in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, between May 17 and 19, to support China's manufacturing industrial upgrade and transformation plans.[Detail]
Culture and Creativity Competition (Gusu district) 2017 kicks off
Suzhou’s Gusu district launched a culture and creativity competition recently to inspire novel designs and solutions to make the city brand better known at home and abroad. [Detail]
Photo exhibition--Pursuit of Happiness by Laurence Chellali[Detail]
The 10th Nanjing Conference on International Exchange and Cooperation for Overseas Chinese Professionals will be held at Nanjing International Expo Centre, from 25th to 26th April.[Detail]
20th 'Oriental Water City' festival about to commence
The opening ceremony of the 20th "Oriental Water City" China International Tourism Festival will kick off on April 22 in Suzhou, a city famed as the “Venice of the Orient” in China’s Jiangsu province. [Detail]
Flowers and fashion unite in Suzhou lily event
Suzhou is well-known as a city with an abundance of ancient culture and stunning natural scenery to offer visitors. [Detail]
The 12th Nanjing Mazu Temple Fair will kick off at 9 a.m. on Apr 19 in the Tianfei Temple.[Detail]
2017 Nanjing Zhongshan Holiday Concert will start at the Music Terrace of Dr Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum in Nanjing on April 15. [Detail]