Nanjing St. Pauls Church
2013-11-05 17:16:00

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Address:  396 South Taiping Road

Established in 1923, St. Paul’s Church is the first official Christian church in Nanjing. The church’s design is meant to imitate the style of European churches in rural areas. It is gothic architecture with exquisite decoration. The inner structure reflects traditional Chinese style. The walls were built with polished stones taken from Nanjing’s ancient city walls. However, the main structure is built from delicately carved white marbles. Lections were carved carefully on the inner walls and are adorned with some gold foil. A bell tower which contains a bell 2 meters in diameter sits on the roof of the church.

Sunday Christian Worship - Every Sunday from 11:00am to noon St. Pauls holds a Christian service in English.

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