Xuzhou Huaihai West Road Church
2013-11-05 17:02:00

(Photo source: Jiangsu Ethnic Religions)

Address: No 47 Huaihai West Road, Xuzhou City

Originally named Stele Street Church, also known as Zhongshu Street Church, the Xuzhou Huaihai West Road Church was constructed by the American South Presbyterian Church on the purchased land in 1913 and was completed the next year. The cross-shaped church can take in 1000-plus people. It served as the CCC site in Suwhai in 1931. When the religious policy was implemented in 1980, it was returned to the church and reopened with a new name, Huaihai West Road Church, after remodeling. It was the only Christian church in Xuzhou city during that time. Seeing more and more believers to attend the service, the church extended its building towards the south in the spring of 1987 to gain a total church area of 595.55 square meters to accommodate 1,200 people for services.

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