Taizhou Church
2013-11-05 17:00:00

(Photo source: Jiangsu Ethnic Religions)

Address: No 185 Yingchun East Road, Hailing District, Taizhou City

Christianity was introduced into Taizhou in the 13th year of Guanxu's Reign in Qing Dynasty (1887). Prior to 1958, Taizhou had three churches, namely, the North Gate Qele Bridge Gospel Church, Han Bridge Church, and Ji's Courtyard Church. In 1958, all the members of these churches were pooled together at the Gospel Church for religious activities. In 1992, the Taizhou people's government approved the construction of the church outside the US missionary Lan Shide's residence on Yingchun road. The first-phase construction of the project was completed in July of 1997 with a construction area of nearly 900 square meters. A thanksgiving celebration was held for the restoration of the church in October of the same year. The second-phase construction was completed in 2005 with the construction area totaling 2,500 square meters. It was named the Taizhou Church.

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