Yancheng Church
2013-11-05 16:56:00

(Photo source: Jiangsu Ethnic Religions)

Address: Huanghai West Road, Yancheng city

Bai Xiusheng (Hugh W.White), a missionary of the American South Presbyterian Church, came to Yancheng prefecture of Xuzhou to preach in second year of Xuantong's Reign in Qing Dynasty (1910). A vacant lot at Beida Street (current Liberation North Road) in Yancheng was purchased to construct the predecessor of the Yancheng Church. During the anti-Japanese war, the church and the attached houses were burnt down by the invading Japanese army. In 1950, the "Four United Major Churches" of the Church of Christ in China set up funds to rebuild a smaller-scale church at the old location. It was seized for other use in the Cultural Revolution. The government and the provincial CCC/TSPM financially assisted in the rebuilding of the Yancheng Church on Huanghai West Road in 1985. The construction of the new church was completed in 1986.

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