Huai'an agriculture bursts into unlimited vigor and vitality thanks to modern marketing approaches such as planting rice through online crowd funding. [Detail]
Nanjing Customs and Daegu customs of South Korea held a promotion event to related enterprises of Nanjing on the acceleration of trade facilitation on Apr 5.[Detail]
The Yixing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued the first “China–Switzerland” free trade zone (FTZ) preferential origin certificate on July 4. A Yixing-based international trade company saved 20,278 yuan (US$3246) of tariffs on the female overcoats it exports thanks to the certificate, accounting for 18.7 percent of the goods value.[Detail]
After Britain implemented its new rules on Jan 1, 27 EU members will follow suit by carrying out Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment’s (WEEE) recalling for photovoltaic modules. This “green technology threshold” has no doubt posed a new challenge to the export of Jiangsu solar photovoltaic. [Detail]
As the first legal document that promotes and protects investment among China, Japan and ROK, the agreement covers almost all important aspects of investment, giving the three countries strong assurance for trilateral investment.[Detail]
3d printing.jpg
14 3D printing talents from Britain, the US and other countries attended the employment selection in Zijin Technology Community in Nanjing’s Jiangning District, Jan 28.[Detail]
Jiangsu Copyright Protection Center was established in Nanjing on Dec 27. The center will provide registration service for general works by copyright holders free of charge. The center is set up to promote people’s awareness of copyright protection and the development of copyright industry.[Detail]
The inspection team of the Ministry of Environmental Protection started checking on the pollution reduction work of Jiangsu province in the year of 2013 from Dec 23 to 31.[Detail]
Merck Serono to set up new factory in Nantong.jpg
Merck Serono plans to inject 650 million yuan ($107 million) to set up a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Nantong, Jiangsu province, to produce medicine to treat diabetes, cardiovascular and thyroid disorders.[Detail]
"Longcheng Talent Plan 3.0” was officially launched in Changzhou on Dec 13. "We will raise 600 million yuan as the start-up fund to invite talents from all over the globe to start businesses in Changzhou,” said Zhang Chunfu, head of the Organization Department of Changzhou. [Detail]
(US$1.75 billion) in water infrastructure projects in its rural areas, with priority given to the establishment of irrigation systems for minor farmlands, the treatment of small and middle-sized rivers with serious problems in some counties, the upgrading of middle- and large-sized irrigation areas and key counties, the cleaning up of river courses and the security of drinking water in rural areas.[Detail]
The Nanjing city environmental protection bureau in East China's Jiangsu province may use its geographical setting to build ventilation corridors to tackle smog.[Detail]
Gulou district of Nanjing initiated its Official Bike Program in 2008, and till now, a total of 120 “official bikes” have been put into use.[Detail]
Jiangsu has granted almost 500 “Jiangsu Green Card” - the residence permit for overseas high-level intellects, most of the applicants being foreigners, our reporter learnt from the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jiangsu on Nov 11.[Detail]
Jiangsu province has leaped to the second place on the 2012 national ranking of provincial (municipal) talent competitiveness for the first time, our reporter learnt from Jiangsu Provincial Office of the Leading Team on Talent Work on Nov 11.[Detail]