Nanjing Confucius Temple lanterns up for Spring Festival
2019-01-08 17:57:00


Preparation for the 33rd China Qinhuai Lantern Festival in Nanjing was well underway on January 7. The annual fair receives numerous visitors from the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival. The Qinhuai Lanterns dates back to the Eastern Wu Dynasty (AD 222-280) and has a history of 1800 years. It has become long lasting folk customs for the Nanjing residents to visit, appreciate and buy lanterns.

The Qinhuai Lantern Festival is the one of first batch of national-level intangible cultural heritages and is known as "World’s No. 1 Lantern Festival." The fair is the only large-scale comprehensive lantern festival in China that integrates the lantern show, lantern festival and the lantern market. It is also the largest folk lantern festival in China with the longest duration and the largest number of participants.

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Source: Editor: Nicky