1st Asia-Pacific Art Exhibition (2018) opens in Nanjing
2018-10-27 16:40:00

French artist Bertrand Bellon addresses the exhibition.

Sponsored by Nanjing University Center for Asia-Pacific Development Studies, the First Asia-Pacific Art Exhibition (2018) opened at the Nanjing University Museum on Oct. 27.

Under the theme of “a dialogue between Chinese and foreign art in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative,” the exhibition includes two parts - Observation of Asia-Pacific Art, with a focus on the current art development in Asia Pacific countries, and Chinese Ink-Wash Paintings in Progress, which shows Chinese artists’ explorations of traditional art. The exhibition also includes a forum on Asia-Pacific art.

The presidium for the exhibition is composed of famous artists and art theorists from France, Vietnam, Britain, Pakistan, Morocco, Malaysia, the United States and China. Among the 100-strong exhibits are ink-wash paintings, oil paintings, block prints and watercolors.

The exploration and development of contemporary Chinese ink-wash painting has always attracted much attention. This exhibition will showcase works of representative artists from Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang. Their creations, to some extent, can reveal the relationships between traditional and current contexts, individual existence and cultural identity, and local and international discourses.

"Nanjing is one of the strongholds of Chinese contemporary art. This exhibition has invited some outstanding artists from Nanjing, whose works will become a highlight of the exhibition,” said the acclaimed artist Xu Xiaomin.

The organizers hope to present different cultural concepts and artistic forms of Asia-Pacific countries, enhance the mutual understanding among artists and art forms, and promote cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

The exhibition will run until Nov. 2

Source: jschina.com.cn Editor: Dylan