Photo exhibition celebrates Jiangsu’s achievements in 40 years
2018-09-29 15:18:00

A photo exhibition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up policy kicked off at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center on Sept 29.

The exhibition is organized by the Publicity Department, Reform Office and Party History Work Office, all under the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, and the Xinhua Daily Media Group.

The month-long exhibition lasts until Oct 25 and aims at fully demonstrating Jiangsu’s vigorous implementation of and huge strides under the reform and opening-up policy.

The exhibition presents two interactive zones with virtual reality videos and augmented reality functions. The displays include historic bills, houses, doorplates, bicycles, supply and marketing cooperatives, tools for outdated professions in the old days, smart home, family files, city studies, remote education, smart health checkup, extra editions of Xinhua Daily and organic soilless cultivation of the modern times.

In addition, the exhibition includes 881 photos, 67 charts, 13 city promotion films, one VR video, four short videos and nearly a thousand pieces of objects that reflect changes in people’s lives. It vividly shows the historical changes in people's lives, from just having enough to eat and wear, to well-off and gradual prosperity, in the past four decades.

An online version of the exhibition, made available by JSCHINA.COM.CN, provides an all-round digital presentation of the exhibition with the 360° virtual tour technology. [Photo/Chen Zhiyi]

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Source: Editor: Amanda