Xuyi holds paddy field concert for Harvest Festival
2018-09-21 16:26:00

Xuyi County held a ceremony on Sept. 20 for the start of the harvest on a 22,600 hectare paddy field where crayfish are also raised as a new way of farming.

In sharing the joy of a bumper crop harvest, folk artists sang and danced during a music concert in the county’s Xinpu Village as part of celebrations for the upcoming First Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival.

The festival was created after the State Council prioritized rural affairs in its "No. 1 central document" of 2018. China designated the autumn equinox, the midpoint of the season and one of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar, as the Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival. The autumn equinox falls on the days around September 23, indicating crops have matured and it is harvest time for farmers.

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