Top designers from China, Italy and U.S. discuss home aesthetics in Nanjing
2018-09-19 11:22:00

Leading designers from China, Italy and the United States shared their views on home aesthetics, art and life in a forum organized by Nanjing-based home furnishing company Meitiffen, on the afternoon of Sept. 18.

Wu Ben, chief designer of W.DESIGN and founder of W+S GROUP, is the first Chinese member of Trend Lab SAS of Nelly Rodi, an innovation and creation consulting company. He made a keynote speech at the forum. A new exhibition hall named "Space" was opened at Meitiffen on the same day, which was all designed and decorated by Wu. The hall displays a new concept and understanding of the use of space. Just like what Wu said, "I hope this is a space that makes people really relaxed and just enjoy their life." Miss Lei, a young designer and fan of Wu, claimed that the forum was very inspiring, while Wu encouraged her and young designers to stick to their dreams and work harder to get there.

Gianni Borgovono from Italy is the president and the third generation leader of MisuraEmme. At his seventies, he has been through the beginning, development and maturity of Italian design, boasting a unique understanding and forward-looking ideas of design style in the European country. September 18 also marks Gianni’s birthday, and he got a grand birthday celebration with a number of Chinese designers. “Aesthetics is the universal language in the world,” said Gianni, who is very optimistic about Chinese market.

Meitiffen, opened in Nanjing in 2002, was founded by Xu Dequn, who learned about design during his study in Italy in the 1990s and had developed creative ideas in five years. After digging into the markets of over 20 countries, Xu and his wife introduced more than 60 top brands into Meitiffen, making the home store a high-end destination for customers. Xu aims to bring the rigorous thinking, logic and aesthetics in Western home design to China. Meitiffen Home Aesthetics Museum, its new flagship store, was open in June this year. The 4,000-sqm museum features three themes: Italian style, modern American style, and modern oriental style.

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Source: Author: Zhu Na Editor: Nicky