Life story of Li Shengjiao, a legendary Chinese diplomat and educator
2018-08-09 19:40:00

August 6 marks the first anniversary of the death of Li Shengjiao, a distinguished Chinese diplomat who was named a pillar of the nation that passed away in the previous year. He was among the People's Republic of China's first generation of diplomats, and was appreciated and well recognized by late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai for his talent and contributions. He had represented China in multiple significant international meetings and negotiations, and made major contributions to China's national interests. He has been hailed as "an outstanding diplomat, scholar, educator and litterateur who made extraordinary contributions in multiple fields" and "an envoy connecting Chinese and Western cultures". His research results received high recognition from Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou and other top Chinese leaders. He was also an outstanding alumni and honorary professor of the Nanjing University.


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Li Shengjiao was born into a legendary prestigious family in Nanjing, the then capital of the Republic of China, on January 7, 1935. His father, Dr. Li Linsi, son of the renowned late Qing Dynasty art master Li Liangyu and descendant of the great Qing Dynasty poet and scholar Li E, was an influential educator and diplomat during the Republic of China and an anti-Japanese heroic figure who taught at the National Central University (predecessor of Nanjing University) as a distinguished professor. His mother Tang Liling was a Shanghai celebrity, popular pianist and film star who taught at Zhejiang University later in her life. Pictured was the 26-year-old Li Shengjiao (center) posing with his father Dr. Li Linsi and mother Tang Liling in January 1961.

Photo courtesy of Nanjing University. 

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